Custom Baking for
Branded & Private Label

Custom Baking by Gold Coast Bakeries - Boudin Sourdough Bread

We make products for supermarkets’ private brands as well as leading retail consumer brands.

Authentic Sourdough

Authentic, Custom Baked Sourdough Bread by Gold Coast Bakeries

At Gold Coast, we make sourdough by aging our starters in our fermentation room and then take the next step of fermenting the finished dough products in a fermentation retarder. We don’t take any shortcuts and ensure our sour is the real thing.

Buns & Rolls

Sesame Buns, Brioche Buns, Organic Buns, and Dinner Rolls by Gold Coast Bakeries

We bake a wide array of buns from the traditional sesame buns to brioche buns to organic buns to dinner rolls.

Sliced Breads

Sliced Breads by Gold Coast Bakeries - Milton's Craft Bakers Organic Seeds and Grans Bread

Our sliced breads range from the traditional wide pan loaves to USDA certified organic loaves. We have the capability to slice our hearth baked breads.

Sourdough Thins
Sourdough Thins by Gold Coast Bakeries
Gold Coast Bakeries is non-GMO capable.
Gold Coast Bakeries is proud to offer USDA Organic products.
Products sold by Gold Coast Bakeries are BRC certified.
Gold Coast Bakeries uses all natural ingredients in its products.