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Pioneer French Bakery
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Our delicious sliced breads and rolls can be found in a variety of channels and locations. Our bakery only makes “True” sourdough breads by following the time consuming process using sponges dating back more than 100 years, there are no short cuts to delivering a truly great loaf of bread. Our bakers deliver French, Sourdough, Wheat, Whole Grain, and other unique varieties of bread to a club and grocery stores and restaurants near you. Our brands can be found in Costco, Stater Bros., Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Fresh & Easy, Gelson’s, and hundreds of independent retailers across the country.

Pioneer French Bakery

Pioneer French Bakery

In 1907 Jean Baptiste left his father’s bakery in Les Aldudes, a small village in the Pyrenees Mountains of France. Accompanied by a piece of his precious sourdough starter, he made his way to Venice, California where he founded Pioneer French Bakery in 1908. The years have brought growth and change, but the one constant is our commitment to quality. The process to make every loaf of Pioneer Sourdough is the same process used in 1908. Sourdough is the most difficult of all breads to produce; authentic sourdough requires more than 24 hours to produce. Many bakeries use commercial mixes and various time saving methods and ingredients to emulate the sourdough flavor. We, however, remain committed to the time honored tradition and quality that only a true sourdough can deliver.

Pioneer French Bakery Product ShowcaseBreads of Venice

Breads of Venice

Breads of Venice is our newest brand but new doesn’t mean we shy away from the quality of our breads. This bread is designed for those that want something fun and bold but still want the quality of the bread you remember from your youth. Our unique and superior flavor was cultivated in the “Old World” high in the Pyrenees mountains, and remains the same today. The quality and flavor of our sourdough is what our customers have come to expect. You can taste the difference! Try our Sourdough, Jewish Rye, or Sheepherders at a Club near you today.

Breads of Venice Jewish Rye Bread

Gold Coast Bakeries

Our delicious rolls and breads are available in a large variety of textures and sizes. Our sourdough sliced bread takes two days to produce. Each loaf is scored by hand and evaluated prior to baking. Due to the diligence of our bakers to follow the “old world” process the crust browns, little blisters called fish-eyes develop, this indicates properly fermented sourdough. Pick up a loaf at your local Grocery store and enjoy the quality of “True” Sourdough.

Gold Coast Bakery Products - Sourdough Bread, 100% Whole Wheat Bread, and Multigrain Bread,
Gold Coast Bakeries is non-GMO capable.
Gold Coast Bakeries is proud to offer USDA Organic products.
Products sold by Gold Coast Bakeries are BRC certified.
Gold Coast Bakeries uses all natural ingredients in its products.