Multi-Market Channel,
Artisan Baking Expertise
with Broad Capabilities

Gold Coast Bakery has the ability to make fresh, par baked and frozen product. We currently deliver product fresh throughout California and deliver frozen product throughout the rest of the United States. We have the ability to customize products specific to geographic regions as well as to the unique needs of varying market channels such as food service , retail grocery and warehouse clubs. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities enable us to efficiently produce small runs as well as high speed volume runs on our bread lines. We produce a wide array of multi-grain, sourdough , organic, and specialty breads, buns and rolls that capitalize on current and emerging market trends.

Full Service R&D Innovation

Our R&D team is designed to create products from scratch that meet the needs of the evolving consumer. We strive to be one step ahead to gain our competitive edge.

Concept to Consumer

At Gold Coast, we take a product ideation and convert that idea to a finished product. We take the product through each stage from formulaization, flavor profiles, certain nutritional requirements, to finished goods in a finished package. We work and guide our customers through each process.

QC Testing

Quality Control Testing by Gold Coast Bakeries

Our QC team monitors every step of the baking process by measuring all of our critical control points and ensuring the best possible product to our customers.

High Volume Capacity
Gold Coast Bakeries' High Volume CapacityGold Coast Bakeries' High Volume Capacity Bread Pans

Our high speed lines enable us to grow with our customers’ growing needs.

Proven Performance
on a National Scale
Gold Coast Bakeries is strategically located in Southern California and Addison, Illinois.

Both our bakeries are strategically located to fit our customers’ growing demands. We are located in the center of Southern California in Santa Ana and In Addison, Illinois just out of Chicago. This allows us to produce items for our customers in both locations and keeping our product off the highways as much as possible.

A Trusted, Longterm
Bakery Partner, Serving…
  • Kroger
  • Costco
  • Safeway
  • Save Mart
  • Albertsons
  • Stater Bros.
  • Sam’s Club
  • Ralph’s
  • Fresh & Easy
… Just to Name a Few
Gold Coast Bakeries is non-GMO capable.
Gold Coast Bakeries is proud to offer USDA Organic products.
Products sold by Gold Coast Bakeries are BRC certified.
Gold Coast Bakeries uses all natural ingredients in its products.